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An introduction to our API

The ShopWired API provides a suite of tools to allow you to create ecommerce solutions for ShopWired users. You can integrate your app into the ShopWired Platform, customise a website and connect a third party service to ShopWired.

The help guides in this section cover all aspects of the ShopWired API, how to build apps and how to embed your app into ShopWired.

The ShopWired API provides for the creation of two types of apps:

Private apps

Private apps are not publicly available, so you control who can install and access the app and the features that it provides. Private apps use HTTP authentication to authenticate calls to the ShopWired API.

Public apps

Public apps are available on the ShopWired app store and authenticate requests using OAuth2. Public apps can be built to extend functionality of the ShopWired admin system, can have their own page on the admin system and can use admin links on pages within the admin system.