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White label billing

When you first sign up for a partner account, you'll be prompted to enter card information. This is the credit or debit card that we'll take the fees from for your use of the platform each month (both the white label standing charge and the packages that each account is on).

You can change this card at any time by selecting 'billing/invoices' from the left menu of your partner account and clicking the 'change card' button.

At the bottom of this page you can see your current billing 'usage'.

You can see:

• The current number of managed accounts you have with us
• The current subscription spend (i.e. the sum of each package for each account, less your white label discount)
• The app charges that accrued from your managed accounts in the previous month (to give you an indication of expected use for the current month)

Invoices and charges

On the first day of each month, we will charge your stored card for:

• Your standing charge for provision of the white label
• The total subscription spend of your accounts (explained below)
• The total app spend of your accounts (explained below)

Each day, the system looks at all the managed accounts and sees what package they have activated. It divides the monthly package amount (less your white label discount) by the number of days in the month. At the end of the month each of these daily charges is added up.

Similarly, each day the system also looks at paid apps installed in your customer accounts and totals the daily pro-rata charges at the end of the month.

An invoice will also be generated, when the payment processes successfully, which itemises each of the three charges.

Failed payments

If the system is unable to charge your stored card we will contact you to arrange an alternative method of payment.

If payment is not received in 7 days the system will automatically deactivate your partner account and all of your managed accounts.

Please note, this is an automatic process that cannot be overridden by our support team.