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White labels

If you're not already using the white label system you can find out more information here.

If you're using the ShopWired Partner system for providing a white label of our platform to your clients, you can find out more information below on how it works.

Your ShopWired Partner account works slightly differently to a normal partner account.

When you first login to your account you'll need to enter your billing information. We use this to collect your monthly white label fee and the monthly fees due for sites you host with us. You can read more about white label billing here.

Development accounts

White label partners can create development stores in the same way that normal partners can. To read more about development accounts please click here.

To make a development store a live account, your client won't have access to sign up for a paid package from within their account and instead you'll need to select a paid account for them. To do so, navigate to the development accounts area of your partner account and select the 'change' link next to the package name (which will be set to 'none'). Clicking this link will reveal a pop-up window where you can select a new paid package for the account.

Once you've selected a package for the account they'll immediately become a managed account and be able to add a custom domain name to their account and setup a payment gateway.

Managed accounts

Managed accounts work in the same way that they do for normal partners. You can read more about managed accounts here.

The package for each managed account can be changed by selecting the 'change' link next to the package name and selecting the new package from the popup window.

To deactivate a managed account you can select the package to be 'no package' from the popup window and this will deactivate their account.

Client login

When you login to a client account through the partner portal (using the login link) you'll still see all the ShopWired branding. This is only because you've logged into the account through our system though.

You should direct your partners to login to their website through the admin link that you have been provided for your white label. It will be something like