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Royal Mail Click & Drop

Click & Drop is an easier way to buy postage online for the items that you post through Royal Mail.

For orders within Click & Drop you can enter a weight, select a package size and choose a service (e.g. 'Royal Mail Special Delivery'). You can then pay for and generate the shipping label, print the label and attach it to your package and then drop it off at your local Post Office.

The ShopWired app automates part of this process for you, providing an export of your orders (which you can download through your ShopWired account), in a format that's easily uploaded to the Click & Drop website. You then just need to check the details, and apply and pay for the postage.

Configuring the app and basics
Delivery rates
Order Management

Please note

The ShopWired support team are unable to provide help or support with regards to your use of Click & Drop, we can only support you on the functions that our app provides.

Configuring the app and basics

Once you've installed the app in your ShopWired account, you'll notice that the app page has 3 separate sections. The main section you'll be using is placed at the top of the page and titled 'Orders'. Here is where we'll display the orders received on your ShopWired store for you to select and download into the order export.

At the top of this section you can tick the 'load the page with this section open' tick box. If you'd like this section to always load open (to save you having to click to open it) when you load the app page in your ShopWired account, tick this box.

The two other sections are configuration/settings areas. Firstly, the 'Delivery Rates' section (described below) allows you to assign a Royal Mail Service Code to each of the delivery rates configured on your ShopWired account (so that when you download orders, each order is already assigned to a service code for easier management within the Click & Drop website).

The 'Products' section (also described below) allows you to select the size of the package the item is dispatched in (from Royal Mail's list) for both Domestic (United Kingdom) and International shipping.

Labels are displayed in the section heading for both the 'Delivery' and 'Products' sections, letting you know if there are items in either section that remain 'unassigned' to a Royal Mail configuration.

Delivery rates

Each delivery rate that's setup on your ShopWired account is displayed in this section. As shown on the example screenshot below.

For each delivery rate that you offer that you will ship through Royal Mail's Click & Drop service you should assign a Royal Mail Service Code using the drop down selection. By default, we enable some service codes on your account, but you can configure additional service codes by following the instructions below.

The table below displays the standard service codes that we enable on the app for you, along with an explanation of each. These apply to Domestic shipping only.

OLP1 Royal Mail 1st Class
OLPSF Royal Mail Signed For 1st Class
OLP2 Royal Mail 2nd Class
OLP2SF Royal Mail Signed For 2nd Class
SD1OLP Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm - £500 Compensation
SD2OLP Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm - £1000 Compensation
SD3OLP Royal Mail Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm - £2500 Compensation

To configure additional service codes, scroll to the bottom of the section and enter the service code into the box, as shown in the example below.

Additionally we enable three service codes by default for International shipping.

ISOLP International Standard
ITROLP International Tracked - £250 Compensation
ITSOLP International Tracked & Signed - £250 Compensation

If you offer a shipping service on your ShopWired website that you don't ship through Royal Mail Click & Drop, you don't need to select a service code for it.

Once finished, you're table should look similar to the below.

When you add new delivery rates to your ShopWired account you can return to this section at any time to configure the service codes.


Please note

Click & Drop requires products to have a SKU code when they are created, if you haven't added SKU codes to your products you should do so before you begin this process.

Each product created on your ShopWired account is listed in this section. As you add new products to your ShopWired account they will automatically appear in this section (please allow a few minutes for syncing).

Where a product is available in variations, like sizes or colours, each variation is listed separately.

For each product, you can select a value from the Domestic Package Size / Int'l Package Size drop down. The first value in the drop down, e.g. Letter, is for Domestic shipping, the second value in the drop down is for International shipping.

The values in this drop down are determined by Royal Mail Click & Drop and correspond to the values available when creating a product directly on the Click & Drop website. Royal Mail's guidance on how to select from this drop down is printed below.

Some products may be classed differently for domestic and international postage. The "Large Letter / Small Parcel" size is for products that are thicker than 2cm, but which otherwise fall within the dimensions for Large Letter. These will be classed as Small Parcels for the purposes of International postage.

The "Medium Parcel / N/A" size is for products that are too large to send internationally using Click & Drop.

Please use Parcelforce if you wish to send these products internationally.

International shipping

If shipping items internationally, you should enter a value in both the Customs Description and Country of Origin fields. Royal Mail's guidance is printed below.

For international orders, please enter the country of origin and a short customs description of your product. These will be printed on your CN22/CN23 documents.

For more information please refer to the guidance on Royal Mail's website here.

Importing products

Once you've added your changes to your products, you can download a CSV containing the product data and import this into the Click & Drop website. To do so, click the download click & drop csv at the top of the table in the products section.

Within the Click & Drop website, select 'products' from the top menu and then 'import' and select the file you've downloaded from your ShopWired account and click to upload.

In the Field Mappings section, check that the data is displaying in the correct columns.

When you're finished, click the 'import products' button at the bottom of the page.

Order management

Each time you receive a new order on ShopWired it will appear in the orders section.

Exporting orders

At the top of the page you can use the search box to search orders (by customer surname, postcode or email address) and use the DATE FROM and DATE TO filters to only display orders placed within a certain period. You can also filter orders by order status.

If you have a lot of orders on your account please be patient whilst using the search facility for the app to load the corresponding orders.

Once you've identified the orders you'd like to export into a Click & Drop Order CSV, using the search filters, you can then tick the box for each order that you want to download (or tick the box at the top of the table to select all orders displayed). Once you've made your selection, click the download click & drop csv button in the top right of the table. A CSV file will then be downloaded to your computer's hard drive.

Importing orders into Click & Drop

In the Click & Drop website, select 'orders' from the top menu and then 'import', in 'step 1' select the orders CSV file from your computer's hard drive and click the upload button.

For 'step 2' you can leave Royal Mail's default selections in place ('First and last names are separate' and 'DDMMYYYY' as the date format).


You'll then be asked to 'map' the fields from your CSV to the Royal Mail format, which you can do by selecting the column from the drop down list to match the data that's in the column for the spreadsheet you uploaded (as shown in the example below).

You should only need to complete this process once, and Royal Mail will remember the values that you've selected.

Once you've finished click the 'import orders' button at the bottom of the table.

Order management within Click & Drop

To view the orders you've imported select 'orders' from the top menu of the Click & Drop website and then 'orders overview'. Each order imported will appear separately for you to manage. You can then select orders individually or in batches to apply the postage and pay for/print the Click & Drop label.