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Automatic currency switching and preferred currencies

If you'd like to automatically switch the displayed currency of your website based on the user's location (detected through their IP address) you can activate a setting on your account.

To do so, select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'currencies'.

Locate the setting indicated on the screenshot above and tick 'yes'.

When a visitor comes to your website we'll automatically change their currency to their home currency.

If no currency is configured in your account for the country the visitor is from (i.e. you haven't added it to the currency section) we don't change the currency.

Preferred currency

When editing a customer account or trade account, you can set a preferred currency for the visitor. When they login to their account the currency will automatically be changed to their indicated preferred currency.

To set a preferred currency, click to edit the account and select the currency from the drop down list indicated on the screenshot below.

Optionally, you can include a question on the page where a user creates an account on your website to ask them if they'd like to set a preferred currency.

To do so, you'll need to edit your theme files using the page editor. You will need some HTML/CSS knowledge to add the required code, if you prefer we can add the code for you for a small fee. Please contact us.

To add the code yourself locate the account_form.twig file in your theme files.

You'll need to add a field name of currency_id. You can get a list of available currencies (configured in your account) using the global.currencies variable. Example code is shown below.

<label>Preferred currency</label>
<select name="currency_id">
    <option value="">Please select...</option>
    {% for currency in global.currencies %}
        <option name="{{ }}">{{ }} ({{ currency.symbol|raw }})</option>
    {% endfor %}