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Alternative delivery pricing

The 'delivery pricing by weight' feature can be used to create a delivery pricing structure not actually based on weights - but based on something else.

The customer never sees the weights you enter for a product, so you can use the weight system to formulate different types of delivery pricing.

For example, if you want to charge for delivery based on the quantity of products somebody buys, like in the example below

• £2.00 for delivery if only 1 item is ordered
• £1.00 for delivery is 2 items are ordered
• £0.00 for delivery if 3 or more items are ordered

You'd still be able to do this using the same delivery system by configuring 'by weight' delivery rates.

Setting the weights & rates

To achieve the delivery structure below, you'd need to enter the weight of each product all as the same amount, for example 1kg.

By doing this, you are actually substituting 1 item to have the same effect on the delivery system as 1kg of weight.

So you could setup your delivery rates as follows:


So if somebody orders 1 item, the total weight of their basket (if each item is set to weight 1kg) will be 1kg. Therefore the delivery rate shown to them will be £2.00.

If somebody orders 2 items, the total weight will be 2kg, delivery cost will be £1.00

And if somebody orders 3 or more items, they will fit into the last delivery rate (2.01kg to Unlimited) and the delivery cost will be £0.00.

Another example

Another example would be if you have small, medium and large items for sale on your store.

Maybe if somebody orders small items, they can be sent through the post and delivery is cheap and if somebody orders medium sized items, they are sent by courier. And if somebody orders a large item, it has to be sent specially.

You could enter the weight for small items as 0.1kg, for medium items as 5kg, and large items as 1000kg.

You'd then be able to set delivery pricing for different weight totals e.g.

• If somebody orders a small + large item, the total weight would be 0.1kg + 1000kg so the large delivery cost applies
• If somebody orders a small + medium item, the total weight would be 0.1kg + 5kg so the medium delivery cost applies
• If somebody orders 5 small items, the total weight would be 0.5kg so only the small item delivery cost will apply

You could set delivery rates for

0kg - 4.99kg
5kg - 999.99kg
1000kg +

We Can Help!

If you need assistance in figuring out how to use a system like this please contact us.