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Configuring SEO tags for your website's ecommerce pages

Your website is a collection of all different types of pages.

• The home page
• Text pages you create (like about us, terms & conditions)
• Product & category pages
• And what we call 'ecommerce pages'

What are ecommerce pages?

We define ecommerce pages as those pages which provide the ecommerce function of your website, i.e. allow a customer to purchase your products. For example the 'shopping basket' page or the 'account login' page.

Entering SEO tags for your ecommerce pages

All of the pages on your website should have a Title and Meta Description Tag set (and optionally a meta keywords tag)

You can enter these 3 bits of data for each ecommerce page using the 'ecommerce seo' page in the management system.

1. Click 'settings' from the left menu and then 'seo'.

2. You'll then be shown a page which lists all of the ecommerce pages.

It will show the page name and a quick description of the page (for your reference).

3. Click on the name of a page and a form will appear beneath.

4. Enter the information for each tag and then click the save changes button.


When viewing the page in search engine results, your listing will not update immediately when you make a change on this page, you'll have to wait until the search engine looks at your site again (which can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks).

We've written detailed articles that explain 2 of the tags. Read these by clicking the links below:

What is the Title tag?

What is the Meta Description?

Experts disagree on whether you should enter information into the meta keywords tag given that search engines now completely disregard this when deciding on rankings. Our advice is not to enter information here.