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How to use the data you obtain in reports

An ecommerce site has, of course, one goal which is to sell as much as possible. But mixed in with this goal are others such as:

i) Increasing the conversion rate of your website

ii) Keeping your customers happy (especially the big spending ones)

You can use some of the reports that we have available to help you with both of these tasks.

Sales by product report

The sales by product report tells you which of your products are the most popular.

This can help you to make sure that you push these products as much as possible around your website. You can also take a decision to delist/remove the least popular products on your website.

Sales by customer

You can use this report to find out who your best customers are, how often they order from you and how much they have spent.

Payment methods

If you have a number of different payment methods available on your website (like PayPal, PayPal Express, Offline Payment & A Normal Checkout) then you can see which of these is most popular by generating this report.

If one gateway stands out amongst all the others, or one is not being used at all, you may want to consider whether you should just be offering one or two payment methods on your website.

Failed searches

This report shows you whenever a user searches for products on your website's search form, but isn't shown any matching results.

This report can be combined with the Product Search Keywords APP so that if you can see people are using a particular keyword when searching but aren't being shown a result they should be, you can add that keyword onto the product to make sure that it appears.