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Displaying prices including/excluding VAT

If you are selling to trade or to customers who are used to seeing prices without VAT for the type of products you sell, you may want to change your website so that all of your prices are shown without any VAT, until the customer reaches the checkout page.

If so, select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'vat settings'.

There are 2 settings you can change, as indicated by the arrows below

The first setting is 'show prices with VAT to website visitors'. Tick 'yes' if you want your product prices to include VAT wherever they are shown, or 'no' if you only want VAT to be shown to the customer at checkout.

The second setting is 'show prices with VAT to trade customers logged in'. This only applies to trade account holders who are logged into an account. Tick 'yes' if you want trade customers to see prices including VAT where they are shown, or 'no' if you only want VAT to be shown to them at checkout.

Make your changes and click the 'save changes' at the bottom of the page when you are done.

Adding an inc/exc VAT note

By default, your ShopWired theme does not include an inc VAT or exc VAT note on product prices in accordance with the setting you select.

This can be added by making simple changes to your theme's code using the page editor.

Displaying both an inclusive and exclusive of VAT price

If you'd like to display both the inclusive and exclusive of VAT price for your products this can be achieved with some coding changes. For more information please click here.