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eBay Template

If you want to make your product descriptions look a bit more interesting on eBay then you can do so by utilising an eBay template or adding some styles to your listing.

An eBay template can be obtained easily from a large number of template providers.

When you obtain an eBay template for your listings you'll be provided with some HTML/CSS code. This code can be copied to the 'eBay styles/template' section of your account (located on the eBay settings page).

Enter the code into the box at the bottom of the page (as shown in the example below).

Please note, the CSS/HTML entered here will not affect the display of your product descriptions on your website, only on eBay.

This field has full access to the product object (twig code that outputs dynamic content about each product). For example, if your template has space for the product description, this can be added using the code {{ product.description }}.

By default, we'll include the normal product description at the end of the template. To stop this from happening you should untick the box 'should we exclude the product description from being appended to the template'.

You may need assistance from a HTML/CSS professional in order to correctly format your template. We can help you to do this but there maybe an additional charge. For more information please contact us.