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Activating plugins on your theme

We've installed a few plugins on our platform, provided by third party companies, which you can easily activate by changing the settings on your theme.

Currently available plugins are:

Disqus (for blog comments)

Mailchimp (for newsletter signups)

• Social media sharing buttons (for product pages)

To activate Disqus and Mailchimp you'll need to create accounts on their websites and then install them onto your theme by editing the theme settings (shown below). We've written articles on how to create accounts on, and activate, Disqus and Mailchimp which you can read by following the links above.

Social media sharing buttons

Social media sharing buttons can be placed on your website's product pages in order to allow your website visitors to share your website with their friends/followers on social media. There are obvious advantages of allowing this as it means that your products can potentially receive a lot of exposure on social media for little/no effort from you.

In the above example you can see the 5 social media buttons available using our plugin.

To activate the display of social media buttons on your product pages go to the settings page for your theme (which can be accessed by clicking 'themes' from the left menu and then 'theme settings').

Place a tick in the 'social sharing buttons on product page' box.

Save your changes and check your product page to make sure the buttons are displaying as expected.

Alternatives to the standard social media buttons

There are alternatives to our buttons that you can integrate onto your theme if you wish to. Some examples are AddThis and ShareThis.

You can install these buttons on your theme if you want to but to do so you'll have to edit the theme files directly. If you don't feel confident doing this then you can contact us (there may be an additional charge for this service).