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Activating and installing

Select 'apps & extensions' from the left menu and then 'available extensions'. A list of all the available extensions will be displayed.

Click the 'view details and install' link for an extension in order to view more information about it and activate it on your account.

The full details of the extension will be displayed to you.

Click the 'activate this extension' button in the top right to activate the necessary parts of the extension on your account.

To install the extension you'll need to make some changes to your website's theme files (using the page editor). Installation instructions are linked to in the 'self installation instructions' section.

If you are self-installing the feature then we provide a 'to do list' on the right hand side which you can use to keep a record of what you have done, and have yet to do.

If you prefer, we can install the feature for you. Just click the 'request installation' button on the right hand side. The installation cost will be listed there too.