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Obtaining your Google feed

There are 2 ways to send product data to Google.

You can either:

i) Manually upload a file containing your product data
ii) Provide the URL of a file which contains your product data and updates automatically

The disadvantage of using the first method is that you'll have to regularly login to your account (around every 30 days) to upload a new file as Google will set your products to expire every month.

Downloading a feed file

You will need to have installed the APP for the Google Feed onto your account before you begin.

1. Select 'feeds' from the left menu and then 'google feed'.

2. At the top of the page you have 3 options:


a) Selected products only
This will only download into the feed, products that you have specifically requested be included in it. How to select the products is described below.

b) Only published products
All products on your store will be included in the feed except for those products that are not published.

c) All products
All products on your store will be included in the feed

Select one of these options.

3. When you have selected which products to download (and if you have selected 'selected products only' - once you have followed the instructions below about how to select your products), click on the 'download your feed' button.


Your feed will then download onto your computer's hard drive.

If you have a large number of products in your site (i.e. over 500) then your feed will take a few minutes to generate, so please be patient.

If you want help submitting your feed to Google please click here.

Selecting the products for your feed

You can select individual products to include in your feed by following the instructions below. Your selections will be saved automatically for when you next load the page.

1. Beneath the 'download your feed' box is a separate section which lists all of the products on your store.

2. To include a product in the feed, click the 'include in feed' tick box.


3. Your selections will be automatically saved as you tick the boxes. If you have over 50 products, your products will be organised into pages, and you can switch between pages.

Obtaining the URL for your feed

In the top box on this page you'll notice a field labelled 'your feed URL'.


The URL for your feed will change depending on what selection you make for 'which products do you want to include in your feed'.

If you want help submitting your feed to Google please click here.