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Getting started with themes

The theme of your website determines how your website looks, and to some extent, how it works.

• Choosing a theme
• Live and preview themes
• Deleting/downloading themes
• Changing themes
• Bespoke themes
• Installing your own theme

Choosing a theme

On ShopWired, there are 20 themes for you to choose from, and all are free of charge to use. Which theme you should use will depend on what design you like best. You can install up to eight themes at one time, so you can customize different themes to see which will work best with your products, colors and branding.

To view ShopWired’s theme offerings, select Themes > Available Themes from the menu. Click on a theme to view more information and explore a number of demos. To install a selected theme, select install this theme:

Allow the system time to load it onto your account. Once this is completed, you’ll see a success page similar to this one:

From this page you can choose to make the theme your live theme, choose to customize the theme or return to the available themes to keep browsing.

Live and preview themes

Installing a theme doesn’t automatically make that theme the one your website uses; instead it is installed as a preview theme.

To see which theme is your live (or published) theme and which themes are preview (or unpublished) themes, select Themes > Installed Themes from the menu.

Your live theme will display at the top of the page:

This is the theme that visitors to your website will see.

And your preview themes will display below it:

Select Set Live to make the theme your live theme.

Select Preview to view your website using that theme. This will open your website in a new tab to show you exactly how the theme would look with the customizations you have implemented:

To exit the preview select REMOVE PREVIEW BY CLICKING HERE in the top right corner:

Deleting/downloading themes

To delete a theme select the delete icon:

You cannot delete your live theme. If you want to delete the theme that is currently your live theme, you would first need to make one of your preview themes your live theme.

To download a copy of the theme’s files, select Download:

Changing themes

You can change the theme you are using for your website at any time.

When changing your theme the data contained within your account that is not directly linked with a theme will still exist exactly as is when you make your new theme live. This includes things like your product, category and ‘contact us’ information.

However, any data directly linked to a theme or that you had embedded into the code of the theme will not transfer to your new theme. This means:

  • Any customisations you made on your previous theme will not appear on your new theme.
  • You will need to configure the link lists and text snippets for the new theme and reupload images used in places like your theme header.
  • Any app installation coding or any other coding work you had done will need to be redone in your new theme. Contact Coding Masters for a quote for this work.

Bespoke themes

If you don’t like the look of any of ShopWired’s free themes, you can instead pay to have a bespoke theme made for you or, if you have experience with design and coding, you can create your own theme.

Bespoke themes are uniques designs made according to your exact specifications to better showcase your store.

Installing your own theme

To install your own theme, select Import Theme from the top right of the 'Installed Themes' page:

A window will appear, where you should enter a title for the theme and then attach the theme from your computer's files. The theme must be uploaded as a ZIP folder.

If you are uploading a theme built by a third party designer, you must make sure it conforms to our system's specification in order to work.