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Getting started with themes

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If you haven't already done so, or are not familiar with the concept of a 'theme', we recommend that you read our brief introduction article about themes.

The theme of a website determines how the website looks and, to some extent, works.

As you will have read in our introductory article on themes, two types of themes are available:

i) Template themes (which are ready made and ready to go)

ii) Bespoke themes (where our designers design a theme based on your exact requirements).

One of the great things about our platform is that you can install multiple themes in your account and customise each one to find the one that works best for your products.

From the themes section of your account you can:

View available themes
Install new themes yourself
Order a bespoke theme
Setup & customise your installed themes

All our themes come with theme notes which describe the customisations that you can make and also give some guidance on image sizes and shapes.

We can also assist you in customising your theme if you get stuck or require more in-depth changes to be made.

For more information please contact us (there maybe an additional charge, depending on how much customisation work you require).

Advanced customisation

For those of you who have experience with HTML and CSS you can view and edit your theme files directly in an editor through your account.

For more information about editing your theme files directly please read our introductory article about the page editor.