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An introduction to customising themes

When you install a theme it'll appear on the 'themes' page in your account.

Select Theme Settings to access the style and settings editor for the theme. Each theme has a number of different settings that you can change to customise things such as colours, images, menu links and other aspects of your website's branding.

More information about the style and settings editor is available here.

The exact settings that are enabled for you to edit depends on the theme that you have installed.

Each ShopWired theme comes with its own specification guide which provides information about unique aspects of the theme such as recommended image sizes and any specific features. You can access the guides for the themes here.

SelectPage Editor to edit the HTML/CSS/JS files that your theme is built from. You can read more about this here.

ShopWired uses a templating language called 'Twig' to render dynamic content from your online store's data onto your website. For example, each product on your website does not have its own file in your theme. Instead there is one file for products, called product.twig which determines the layout and style of the product page. Within that file we use 'variables' such as product.title to output content about the product. Twig and the objects and variables in use on ShopWired are documented here.