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An introduction to customising themes

When you install a theme it'll appear on the 'themes' page in your account.

You can click either one of the links (Style Editor or Theme Settings) in order to customise how the theme looks and, to some extent, how it works.

As you'll see from the example above there are 2 type of settings.

The exact settings that are enabled for you to edit depend on the theme that you have installed.

Style settings

There are various settings in your theme where you can customise how it looks and also some of the text dotted around the site (like the Copyright statement).


You will be able to edit certain colours used throughout your theme, read more here.

Text snippets

Your site is setup with small pieces of text dotted around (like your Copyright statement) which are edited through the style editor, read more here.

Action buttons text

You can change the wording of your sites 'action buttons' like Add To Basket or Proceed To Checkout, read more here.

Product page customisations

You can set certain settings on your website's product page (like whether to display a roll over zoom effect), read more here.

Number of items per page

You can choose how many products are shown on category pages and search results pages, read more here.

Theme settings

There are certain other settings as well that you can customise that mostly control how your site works.

Link lists

You can change which link lists, from your account, that your theme uses, read more here.


As with link lists, you can change which galleries, from your account, that your theme uses, read more here.

Card logos

You can change the card logos displayed on your theme, read more here.

Activating plugins

You can activate certain plugins from third party providers (like Disqus for blog comments or Mailchimp for newsletters), read more here.

Login options

You can change whether your customers are taken to an account login/creation page during checkout, read more here.

Offline payment method

A certain setting decides whether the offline payment method should be available only to trade customers with credit accounts, read more here.

Image containers

In order to help your images look uniform and neat we have certain settings available which automatically make a change to how your images display, read more here.