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When migrating to ShopWired from BigCommerce you can use ShopWired's switching to us system to automatically import your product, product reviews and customer data.

Other data on your BigCommerce account will need to be migrated manually by following the help guides below.

Product data

The switching to us feature on ShopWired will allow you to migrate all the information about your products from your BigCommerce account to ShopWired in just a few minutes.

All data about your products, including the product images, will be migrated across automatically.

Read the help guide for step-by-step instructions.

Customer data

You can also use the switching to us feature to migrate your customer records from BigCommerce to ShopWired.

All data about your customers can be migrated (name, email, phone, address) automatically. Unfortunately it is not possible to migrate passwords, so customer passwords will need to be reset. More details on how to achieve a smooth transition for your customers can be found on the help guide about customer migration.

Read the help guide for step-by-step instructions.

Category data

Unfortunately BigCommerce does not provide an export for its categories feature. The categories that products are assigned to is however included in the BigCommerce product export.

When you upload your BigCommerce product export into ShopWired we'll automatically create those categories for you, however you will need to manually add in the category descriptions and images.

Find out more.

Website theme and content

You cannot use a BigCommerce theme on ShopWired and instead you'll need to choose a new theme for your website from the ShopWired theme store.

You will need to copy content (pages like 'About Us') across from your BigCommerce account to ShopWired.

Find out more.

Other data and settings

We've put together a list of other areas of your ShopWired account that you'll need to focus on once you have completed the steps above, click a section to read the help guidance about it.

- Payment gateways
- Delivery rates
- Apps & extensions
- ShopWired settings
- 301 redirects

Launching your store

We've compiled a launch checklist for you to follow before launching your ShopWired website.

For assistance on changing the DNS records on your domain name (to point it to the ShopWired servers), please follow these instructions.

Search engine rankings

If your website enjoys a good position in search engine results for particular keywords we recommend that you read and follow the help guide on how to monitor your website after launch and maintain search rankings.