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New to ecommerce?

If you're new to ecommerce it can seem daunting at first but we've created this set of help guides to assist you.

The first set of help guides (in this section) runs through the basic aspects of ecommerce (such as products, categories and orders).

Other help guides in the 'getting started' section of the ShopWired help guides assist you with setting up your ShopWired store and preparing for launch.

Domain name

One key aspect of owning/running an ecommerce website is registering a domain name. A domain name is the address of your website, e.g.

You can read more about domain names and how to register one here.


As well as selling products through your website you should consider selling on other 'channels' as well - this is something that you can do through your ShopWired account. For example you can use the eBay app to list products from ShopWired on eBay, or you can use the Google Shopping app to list your products on Google Shopping search results.

To read more about multichannel click here.

Don't have products to sell?

If you don't have products to sell and need to source some, DropWired might be the perfect solution for you.

DropWired is an integration between ShopWired and AliExpress (a huge dropshipping website) that will allow you to import products for sale onto your ShopWired store from AliExpress and fulfil orders quickly.

You can read more about DropWired here.