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Apps that need theme coding

ShopWired provides a wide range of apps. Most of our apps work 'out of the box' and can be used immediately after installing the app. Some apps, however, require some coding changes be made to your live theme in order to work (as the app enables functionality on your website).

As we release new themes on ShopWired we also add to the range of apps that are pre-installed. If you install a new theme today you will find that most apps are already installed.

To see if you need to add coding to your theme in order to use an app, when viewing the app in your ShopWired account a notice will appear if you do:

If this notice does not appear, you DO NOT need to add coding to your theme for the app to work.

You can click the link shown on the notice to follow the coding instructions, or alternatively the ShopWired team can install the code for you, for a one-off fee. To request that ShopWired install the code simply click the 'request installation' button shown on the right hand side.

For the Custom Fields app, no fixed price for the coding work is available because the charge is dependent upon how you want to use the features. Please contact us with details about your requirements and how you want to use the app and we can provide you with a quote.

Installing the code

Making changes to your theme requires you to edit your theme's files, using the page editor.

Whilst full instructions are supplied in the coding guidance help guide for each app, you may have difficulty in installing the necessary code, particularly if you don't have any experience with HTML coding.

App Coding Policy

For more information about what ShopWired can help with when you install the app code yourself please read the Extensions Policy.