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Submitting your feed to Google

Once you have obtained your feed you can follow the instructions below to upload your feed to Google.

You'll need to have created an account on Google Merchant Centre. Follow the instructions provided by Google in order to do so.

You'll also need to have claimed your URL. You can find out how to do this by reading the instructions at the bottom of this page title 'claiming your URL'.

1. Sign in to your Google account at

2. Click 'products' from the left menu and then click 'feeds (new)' from the secondary menu.

3. Under the 'primary feeds' section click the + icon (as indicated in the screenshot below)

4. A new page will open for you to configure the feed.

5. Select the 'target country' as United Kingdom.

Click the 'continue' button.

6. In the next section give the feed a name such as ShopWired Feed.

If you're using the file upload method for your feed then select the 'upload' option. If you're using the URL method then select 'scheduled fetch'.

Click the 'continue' button.

7. In the next section you'll need to enter a filename for your feed. If you're using the URL method you can just enter shopwired_feed.

If you're using the file upload method you'll need to enter the file name exactly with the name of the file you have downloaded from your account. In most instances this will be google_feed.xml

8. If you opted to upload a file and didn't upload one when prompted you can do so by clicking back to the feeds section, as shown in the example below.


Please note that if you have trouble uploading your feed to Google, unless there is an error with the feed we will not be able to help you and you should contact Google directly.

Claiming your URL

In order to successfully upload your feed in Google you will need to have claimed your URL in Google.

To do so please follow the instructions in this article provided by Google.

When verifying your domain please ensure you select the 'alternative methods' section on Google. Google will provide you with an HTML tag which you can enter in your account by following the instructions here.