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How can I show my logo at the top of my emails?

When your account was created it was automatically set to include your logo at the top on all of your website's outgoing emails.

However, you may have changed this setting without realising. If your logo isn't being shown then click 'settings' from the left menu and then 'website emails' and 'emails html'.

First make sure that the 'do you want to enable the header & footer' tick box is ticked.

Next make sure that the 'header' and 'footer' fields have content in them.

Then click to save your changes.

Then perform an action on your website that means that you'll be sent an email (like creating an account or, as a customer, requesting a new password).

If the email displays ok then you've fixed the problem.

If the email doesn't display properly then we'd recommend that you upload our default Header & Footer code to the page shown above.

Click the links below to download the HTML for the header and footer.

download the html header

download the html footer

Go back to the 'emails html' page and copy and paste the header downloaded above into the header box and the footer into the footer box and save your changes.

Please note

You may want to edit the text shown in the footer (by default it just says 'Many Thanks') to show your name or something else.

With HTML you can't just put in a new line for it to show as a new line in the email, you need to use <br /> to indicate a new line, e.g.

Many thanks,<br><br>Joe's Shoe Shop.

If you need assistance then please contact us.