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I've created a category but it isn't showing in my site's menus, why not?

If there is no room on the menu (because it's already full) then this could stop the category from showing.

Consider the example below:

There isn't really much space on this menu for a new category. So if your menu looks pretty full at the moment then its likely the new category isn't showing because there's no room for it.

If there's no room for a new category on your menu

i) Organise your categories differently (in the above example 'BREAD MACHINES' could become a subcategory of 'BAKING' and "COOKWARE' and 'KNIVES & SCISSORS' could be a subcategory of 'COOKWARE'). This would free up some space as those categories would no longer show individually on the menu.

ii) The spacing between menu items can be reduced to create extra space for a new category

iii) The font size of the menu can be reduced (this would also create space)

Option i) is something you can do yourself through the management system (see the article on creating subcategories).

Options ii) and iii) need to be done by editing the CSS files of your website (the CSS files determining the styling of things like menus). To alter the CSS files you'll need to edit those files directly in your website's theme (you can read more about this here), alternatively please contact us and we can make the changes for you (there maybe a charge for this service).