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Editing your theme's files

If you feel comfortable and confident in doing so, you can directly edit your theme's files in order to change how a particular page looks, or to include/remove content.

The pages of your website are edited by selecting 'themes' from the left menu and then 'installed themes' and then clicking the 'page editor' link for the theme you want to edit.

A new page will open. You'll need to click one of the folders on the left hand side in order to find the file that you want to edit.

When you click to edit the file it will then open in the file editor.

Open files are shown at the top of the page. You can have up to 5 files open at any one time.

When you've made your changes you'll need to click the 'save changes' button before you check your website.

In order to create a new file you will need to enter the 'advanced mode' by clicking the 'advanced mode' toggle button at the top of the folders.

Read more about theme and file structure here.


Editing the theme files will have a direct impact on the way your website looks and works so please be careful when making changes and proceed with caution. Any changes you want to make can be made for you by our team (although there maybe an additional charge depending on the work involved).

Theme Engine

Theme Engine is a cross platform tool that automatically watches for changes to files that you make in your local environment. When it detects a change, it will upload the file to your account automatically.

You can read more about Theme Engine here.


As well as using HTML, your theme files use Twig which is a template engine that we use to generate dynamic content on your website.

Twig is easy to pick up and follows logical rules so if you have experience with HTML you should find that you are able to use Twig without much difficulty.

You can begin reading about Twig here.

Reverting to previous versions

Our system automatically stores the past 10 versions of a document. As you make changes, and save them, a 'revert' drop down will appear next to the 'close' button. You can read here about reverting to a previous version.

Before making major changes we'd advise you download a backup of your theme.

Keyboard shortcuts

Whilst using the page editor you can use the keyboard shortcuts listed below to enhance your productivity.

If you can think of a new shortcut that would make your life easier please contact us and suggest it.

Below we list the Windows and Mac shortcuts.

CTRL/CMD + F - to find a string of text
CTRL/CMD + G - to move to the next string
CTRL/CMD + SHIFT + G - to move to the previous string
ALT + G - to jump to a new line
CTRL/CMD + / - to comment highlighted code (and the same to uncomment the code)
CTRL/CMD + S - to save the file
F8 - will toggle the display of space/tab highlighting
F11 - will toggle the display of full screen mode (you can press escape to exit)