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Development accounts

As a ShopWired partner you can create an unlimited number of development accounts. Development accounts work just the same way as a normal ShopWired account but with a couple of exceptions:

• You can't set the website live on a custom domain
• You can't process live transactions through a real payment gateway, instead you can test with an 'imitation' gateway

Development stores are a great way for you to build a new website for a client (handing over to them when it's finished) or to use to test a new theme you are building.

Creating a development account

Select 'development accounts' from the left menu of your ShopWired partner account.

Click the 'create store' button in the top right hand corner.

You'll then need to enter an email address for the account along with a password and the account holder name (which can be you or your clients) and a company/store name.

Please note that passwords need to contain at least 8 characters, one uppercase and one lowercase letter and one number.

Once you've created the account it will then be shown in the table below.

You can login to the account through the normal ShopWired login page (by entering the email/password used to create the account) or alternatively you can click the 'login' link next to the account in the table and be logged straight into the account.

Testing payment gateways on development accounts

As mentioned above, development accounts don't have access to enable a live payment gateway. Instead the account has access to 2 imitation payment gateways that imitate the normal payment gateway procedure on a ShopWired website.

• Imitation (this imitates the process where a customer is transferred to the payment gateway website to enter their card information)
• Imitation Frame (this imitates the process where a customer is kept on the website to enter their card information)

Pressing the 'proceed to checkout' button on the ShopWired website's checkout page will initiate the process. For the 'imitation' gateway this will, in effect, just complete the order and mark it as paid.

For the 'imitation frame' gateway you will be taken through to another page to enter card information. Don't use any live card details here. No validation is performed on any fields on this gateway except for the card holder name (which must be present).