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Viewing orders

When you receive an order on your ShopWired store for a product imported from DropWired (through AliExpress) as well as being visible in your ShopWired account, in the normal way, it will also appear within your DropWired account.

Orders can be viewed by selecting 'orders' from the left menu.

If an order contains a mixture of products imported from AliExpress and also products you have created manually within your ShopWired account, DropWired only displays those products in the order that were imported from AliExpress.

Orders can have one of the following four status; To Order, Ordered, Shipped, Delivered. More information about order status can be found here.

Search & order filtering

Using the search box at the top of the page, orders can be searched either by product name, customer surname, customer email address or postcode.

Orders can be filtered according to the date the order was placed and also by status.

Viewing an order

Orders begin with a status of 'to order' set for each product.

For each order you can see the order ID (which links through to the order on ShopWired) and the customer name (which links through to the customer record on ShopWired) as well as the product in the order.

You can place an order for the product using the Chrome Extension by following the instructions here.

As a product progresses through the fulfilment process the status of each product is updated and information about the order is added to the order details.

You can refresh the status of the products in an order either by clicking the 'refresh order status' link next to the customers name or the refresh icon (the circular arrow). You will need to be logged into your AliExpress account to do so (as the Chrome extension only works when you are logged in).

More information about order status and how to manually update orders can be found here.