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How to setup Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that allows you to track and monitor visitors to your website.

Tracking and monitoring your website's visitors is a critical part of your online marketing efforts. Unless you know what marketing is working (and what isn't) you can't make an informed decision about what to proceed with in the future.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool, with many features, and it is able to link into other Google products that you may be using, like Google Adwords, Search Console or Merchant Centre.

You can find out more about Google Analytics at

Tracking code

Google Analytics tracks website visitors by providing you with some computer code that you place onto every page of your website. When a website visitor visits one of your website pages, their computer triggers this tracking code to log their visit in your Google Analytics account.

In order to use Google Analytics you therefore need to install the unique tracking code onto your account.

Getting your tracking code

1. Go to

2. Click 'start for free' in the top right of the screen.

3. You'll then be prompted to login to your Google Account.

If you don't have a Google Account already you'll need to create one which you can do by clicking the 'create account' link at the bottom of the sign in screen.

4. Once you've logged in or created your Google Account click the 'sign up' button to get started.

5. On the next screen enter a name for the account, this can be any name that you want and click the 'next' button at the bottom of the page.

6. Next you'll be asked what you want to measure. As you're creating an Analytics account for your website you should select Web here and click 'next'.

7. On the next page you're asked to enter a few details about your website.

For your website URL be careful to select the correct protocol (either http:// or https:// depending on whether you have an SSL certificate). Also make sure you enter your website address properly, e.g. is not the same as

When you're finished you'll have something like the example below.

You can then click the 'create' button to create the account (after accepting some of Google's Terms & Conditions).

8. On the next screen Google will provide you with some tracking code. This is the code that Google Analytics uses to track visitors to your website.

You'll need to highlight all of this code using your computer's mouse/trackpad and copy the code to your computer's clipboard (e.g. CTRL+C).

9. In a separate browser window open your ShopWired account and select 'settings' from the menu, 'visitor monitoring' and then 'visitor tracking'.

Paste the code from Google into the first box 'visitor tracking code' as shown on the example below and click to save your changes.

10. We also recommend setting up Ecommerce Tracking which is a set of features on Google Analytics which allow you to view order information from your website on your Google Analytics account (to link visitors and orders).

To do so, highlight the Tracking ID shown on the Google Analytics page and copy to your computer's clipboard.

Then on your ShopWired account (on the visitor tracking page) scroll down to the Google Analytics ID section and paste the code.

Click to save your changes.

11. Google Analytics should now start to record visitors to your website and, if setup, track purchases through your website's checkout.

Please Note!

Google Analytics might not display recorded visitors immediately and you may have to wait a few hours to see tracked visitors showing on reports in your Analytics account.