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How do I use the page editor?

The CMS we provide for editing your pages is a powerful tool.

The CMS is used a bit like a word processor (like Microsoft Word) in that you can highlight text and then press one of the buttons at the top, to change the appearance of the text - and you can use some of the other buttons to insert special objects onto the page (such as an image, table or video).

Copying & Pasting Text

Please be aware when copying and pasting text from another source (like Microsoft Word or an Adobe PDF file) that your text will not copy and paste exactly as it appears on the source document.

The Buttons

Toggle HTML On/Off

Change font family
Insert bullet point list

Make text bold Insert a table
Indent text to the left

Make text italic Change text formatting
Indent text to the right

Make text underlined Change alignment
Insert a link

Change text size Insert numbered list

Insert picture

Change text colour

Toggle HTML on/off

Clicking this button will enable you to view the HTML source code.

Make text bold, italic, underlined

Highlight the text you want to change and then click one of these buttons and the text will change its styling.

Change text size

Change the size of the text displayed.

Change text colour

Change the colour of the text. You can either change the actual text or the background colour of the text (for highlighting).

Change font family

Clicking this button will allow you to change the font used (e.g. Arial, Times New Roman).

Insert a table

Tables are a great way to insert organised content onto a website page. The buttons (and their descriptions) above are displayed neatly using a table. But they do require some previous experience of HTML.You may want to first insert the table and organise your content and then you can contact us and ask us to style it (make it look nice) for you.

1. Move the cursor where you want to include the table.

2. Click 'insert table'.

3. Select how many rows and columns you want the table to have.

4. Put content into your table.

Change text formatting

Using this button you'll be able to highlight text and format the text with H1, H2, H3, H4, H5 and NORMAL TEXT tags.

Change alignment

Change the alignment of the text to either left or right, centred or paragraph.

Creating bullet & number lists

Click these buttons before you start writing the text and it will appear as either a numbered (1, 2, 3) or bullet point (•) list, e.g.

  1. List item 1
  2. List item 2
  3. List item 3
  • List item 1
  • List item 2
  • List item 3

Indent text left/right

Clicking these buttons will move the text to the left or right by a small margin. You can keep clicking it to move it more.

Create a link

1. Highlight the text you would like to create the link with.

2. Click the link button.

3. Enter the URL of the link

4. If you would like the link to open in a new browser window click the 'open link in new tab' tick box.

5. Click the 'insert' button.

Insert an image

1. Move the cursor where you want to insert your image

2. Click the 'choose file' button

and select the image file from your computer's hard drive and then click the 'insert' button.

3. The image will be inserted into the editor you'll then be able to click the bottom right hand corner of the image to resize it in the text editor.