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My logo isn't displaying properly on my order sheet

If your logo isn't displaying properly on your order sheet, check the following.

1. You should have uploaded a logo image that is either JPG or PNG (we can't accept other file types containing your logo like PSD, AI, PDF, DOC)

2. Your logo, ideally, should have a white (or transparent) background - logos on black or coloured backgrounds may not look right. If you don't have a version of your logo on a white background then you should contact your designer.

3. We recommend uploading a logo no more than 100px in height and 300px in width. If your logo is greater than these dimensions then it may not display correctly. Try using image editing software to resize your logo (or you can use which is a free online tool).

If you've checked and your logo still isn't displaying correctly, or you are having difficulty resizing your logo then please contact us. When contacting us please include your logo file in the message that you send.