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My feed is displaying warnings on Google for certain products, what should I do?

Before going into the exact errors that can occur on Google Shopping its prudent to consider the best practices for your Google feed. We recommend that you read this excellent article from

Common errors:

Missing Recommended Attribute

Google has its own set of product categories which it uses to organise products. Whilst its recommended by Google that you use their category structure (as well as your own) it isn't mandatory. We currently don't support the use of Google Product Categories.

Price Mismatch

Google doesn't like it if you are sending information to them that your product price is one value, but when they check your site the product is actually for sale at a different price. Make sure that your Google feed is regularly updated, particularly if you change your products' prices regularly.

Invalid GTIN or MPN (or missing GTIN or MPN)

Google requires that you provide a GTIN/MPN for each product that you submit to Google Shoppping. Please read our article Where can I enter a GTIN, EAN or MPN for my product?

Missing recommended attribute: product_type

Google requires that you provide your own category structure in your feed and tell Google what category each product is in. Make sure all of the items you submit to Google are assigned to at least one of your own categories.

Invalid/Missing Price

All products submitted must have a proper price. If you list a product's price as 0 or forget to enter a price, Google won't list the item.

If you have other errors and are not sure what they mean, your first point of contact should be Google. You can contact them here. You can ask them i) what errors are preventing your products from showing and ii) what you can do to fix the errors.

We Can Help!

If you think there is a problem with your feed that you are not able to fix by editing the product in the management system then please contact us. In your message, please include as much information as you can about the errors and the steps you have taken so far to fix them.