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Why are my images being cut off?

In short, there is a certain setting on our themes, that we enable by default, that means that your images are set to fill the entire space available to them. If the space available to them is square, and your image is portrait (i.e. height is greater than the width) then it means that the top and bottom will be cut off.

If you see the photos below, they don't look very neat. They are all different shapes and sizes and whilst they are nice photos it doesn't produce a good effect.

Now consider the next example, the images do look neat. They are uniform and it produces a much better effect.

This setting does mean though that some parts of your images aren't shown (as you can see in the example above). Sometimes this doesn't matter, but sometimes you may have important parts of your images in these missing bits and want to show them, so you can disable this option in your account by following the instructions below.

Read The Full Article!

Please do take some time to read the full article on this topic by clicking here.

Turning off this feature

1. To turn off this feature, please go to your theme's settings by clicking 'themes' from the left hand menu and then clicking the 'theme settings' link for the theme you want to change.

2. Once you click on here a new page will load. Scroll to the bottom of this page to the section labelled 'image containers'.

3. You'll notice that there are a number of tick boxes here.

This setting will be applied to images across your website (not just your product images on the category pages). The only image we never apply it to is the main product image on the product page.

4. If you don't want this setting applied to your images just untick the type of images you don't want it to applied to.

5. Don't forget to save your changes when done and check on your website to make sure the change has been applied.