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Feefo Feedback Engine

If you are already using Feefo to collect reviews about your business, then you can use the Feefo extension to

i) Send your orders to Feefo so that they can send out feedback invitations to your customers
ii) Display product reviews (on your website's product pages)
iii) Display service reviews (on any page on your website)

Example service reviews...

Example product reviews...

If you don't already have a Feefo account, you can open one by clicking here.

Please note!

You will need to ensure that you have entered your feefo merchant identifier on the Feefo extension page within your ShopWired account before proceeding.

Installation instructions
Platform functionality

Installation instructions (all theme versions)

These instructions allow you to display Feefo reviews on your website.

Once you've activated the extension, you'll need to add the relevant code to your website's files (described below) using the page editor, alternatively you can click the 'request installation' button and we'll install the code for you (a small charge will be made for the installation, which is listed on the extension page).

Twig variables

1. The code for service reviews is as follows

{% for review in global.feefo_reviews %}
    {{ review.title }}
    {{ review.comment }}
    {{ review.rating }}
    {{|date('d/m/Y') }}
    {{ review.product_code }}
{% endfor %}

This code would usually be placed on the home page (i.e. home.twig file), other content pages of your website or on the product page.

2. The code for product reviews is as follows

{% for review in product.feefo_reviews %}
    {{ review.title }}
    {{ review.comment }}
    {{ review.rating }}
    {{|date('d/m/Y') }}
    {{ review.product_code }}
{% endfor %}

3. You can use the variable {{ product.feefo_review_count }} to display the number of reviews a product has received.

Please Note: A product review will only display on the product page, so the code needs to be added to the product.twig file (for Version 2 or earlier themes) or product_form.twig file (for Version 3 or later themes). It is matched via the SKU code for the product, so you'll need to ensure that the SKU code for the product on your website matches the SKU code for the product on Feefo.

The Feefo feed

A feed of your orders is available at (replace with your actual domain name).

Orders will only appear in the feed if you have 'sent' the order to Feefo.

To send an order to Feefo, when viewing the order, you scroll to the 'order management' section and click the 'send to feefo' button (as shown on the screenshot below).

The order will then appear in the Feefo feed the next day (and be picked up by Feefo).

Password protect your feed

To password protect your feed select Feeds > Feed URLs from the menu. Scroll to the 'Feefo Feed' section and select the tick box beside 'Password protect this feed':

Then make sure you have entered a username and password in the ‘Feed Protection’ section at the top of the page: