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Tabbed product descriptions

You can segment your normal product description into 5 separate product descriptions using the tabbed product descriptions extension. This will allow you to display different tabs on your product page as shown on the example below.

Installing the extension will allow you to add up to 5 product descriptions. But you don't have to use these to create tabs, you can use them for a different purpose.

In the example below you'll notice that there are three distinct sections of text.

Instead of splitting the product descriptions into tabs they are instead displaying them, on the product page, in separate areas.

Installing the extension

Select 'apps and extensions' from the left menu and then 'available extensions'. Find the 'tabbed product descriptions' extension and click to activate it on your account.

Once the extension is activated you'll then be able to add up to 5 product descriptions for each product.

To output these product descriptions on your product's page on your website you can use the variables shown below.

{{ product.description|raw }}
{{ product.description2|raw }}
{{ product.description3|raw }}
{{ product.description4|raw }}
{{ product.description5|raw }}

To add the relevant code you'll need to use the page editor, alternatively you can click the 'request installation' button and we'll install the code for you (a small charge will be made for the installation, which is listed on the extension page).

Simply adding these variables however won't display tabs, so you'll need to add CSS and JS to display them as shown in the first example at the top of this article.

You can use an IF statement to ensure that a tab isn't displayed unless there is content entered for the description field you are referencing, e.g.

{% if product.description3 %}
    {{ product.description3|raw }}
{% endif %}
Installation By Us

If you choose to have us install the extension for you, as part of the installation process we'll design how the tabbed descriptions will be displayed.

Adding your other product descriptions

When the extension is active in your account, when adding/editing a product underneath the normal product description field you'll see 4 other boxes, each labelled Product Description 2, Product Description 3 etc.