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Using your file manager

The file manager on your account allows you to upload files which you can then display through created links or icons on your product/category pages or text/information pages. To access your file manager select Assets & Images > Files from the menu.

• Accepted file types
• Uploading files
• Managing uploaded files

Accepted file types

In order to maintain the security of the platform, only certain file types can be uploaded to the file manager.

Acceptable file types are:

  • Microsoft Office files (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Adobe files (e.g. PDF, PhotoShop, Illustrator)
  • Standard files (RTF, TXT, CSV)
  • Multimedia files (MP3, WMV)

No other file types are allowed.

Uploading files

To upload a file select Upload A New File in the top right corner of the file manager:

A new window will then appear:

In the File Name box, enter a name for the file. If you don’t specify a name the system will use the actual name of the file you attach.

Next, you can add a File Tag or multiple tags. File tags are a useful way to categorise and organise similar files, so you can easily search for them when you need to.

Finally, choose a file to attach from your computer’s hard drive.

When you are ready, select upload file.

Managing uploaded files

Once you have uploaded files you can search for and manage them in the file manager.

Use the search box to search your files by file name:

Use the ‘View Files By Tag’ box to filter your files based on tags you have assigned them:

All of the files you have uploaded can be seen in the ‘Existing Files’ section:

Here you will find the File Name, the URL (which cannot be edited), a clickable icon to obtain icon links for the file and any assigned Tag for each file. If you want to delete a file use the bin icon under Delete.

If you need to download a file, copy and paste the URL for the file into a new window in your browser and right click on it to save it.