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An introduction to images and galleries

Images will be present throughout your website's design. They aren't only found on your product pages, but also for categories and on text and information pages (like 'About Us'), as well as the home page.

Image galleries

Images that aren't embedded into a page, or loaded for a product/category are collected into image galleries.

For example, the images displayed on the home page of your website, as part of the banner, will be collected into a gallery called the 'Home Page Banners' gallery. So to edit the banner images shown on the home page of your website you need to edit the images in this gallery.

Read our guide to home page banners here.

Other pages on your website may also use a gallery.

Please Note!

Most of the website's using our platform only have one gallery for their home page banners, so its likely you'll only have one gallery in your account too. If you have more than one gallery you can find information on what it does in your theme's notes.

Editing images in a gallery

Galleries are edited by selecting 'assets' from the left hand menu and then 'galleries'.

Each gallery will then be displayed to you.

Galleries are organised into themes, so if you have more than one theme loaded in your account there'll be a separate box for each theme. Clicking the box will show the galleries it contains.

Click on the gallery you want to edit and the details of the gallery (and its images) will be loaded.

In the top section you can change the name of the gallery and also add new images (by clicking the 'add new images' button in the top right).

If you choose to upload new images a popup window will appear for you to select the images from your computer's hard drive.

Existing images will be displayed in the bottom section

Each image has a name/text and also a link (but neither is obligatory).

You can move an image to a new position in the gallery by clicking the icon (indicated in the screenshot below) and dragging the image to its new position.

Viewing galleries on your website

Your theme will contain page files to render galleries on your website.

Your website's galleries page can be accessed through the URL (substituting for your actual website's domain name). Individual gallery pages (and their images) can be access through this link.

We also include a quick link through to an individual gallery, as shown in the example below.