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Galleries and images

Images are present throughout your website's design on everything from your home page to your product and category pages. The images that aren’t loaded on a product or category page or aren’t embedded into a page through the page editor are collected into image galleries for each theme. For example, the images that appear in a banner on your homepage are collected into a gallery called ‘Home Page Banners’. To change these images you would need to find the appropriate gallery and edit the images in it.

To edit images in galleries or to create a new gallery select Assets & Images > Galleries from the menu.

Version 4 themes!

If you are using a Version 4 theme, you can also use the live preview editor to edit your galleries and images.

• Editing an existing gallery
• Viewing galleries on your website
• Adding new images to a gallery
• Creating a new gallery
• Editing images in galleries with set image sizes

Editing an existing gallery

Galleries are organised by theme. Each theme is separated into its own section. When you open your galleries page your live theme's section will automatically be open:

If you have more than one theme installed on your account, you will find the section for each unpublished theme below your live theme:

To edit the name and the images contained in a gallery in a theme click on the gallery.

Use the 'Gallery Name' section to edit the name for the gallery:

In the ‘Images In This Gallery’ section are all of the current images in the gallery:

Use the compass icon to drag the picture to a different position in the gallery.

Use the bin icon to delete that picture.

Depending on the theme you use your image might be displayed with text over it. If you want to edit that text enter your changes in the Image Name/Text field. If you don't want any text to appear, delete the text and leave the field blank.

If you would like the image to be a clickable link to another part of your website, enter the final part of the URL for one of your website’s pages in the Target URL field. This is optional.

If you don’t want to delete the image, but you also no longer want it to show in the gallery, untick the box beside Active.

Once you are finished making changes to the gallery select save changes.

Viewing galleries on your website

Your website’s galleries page, where you can view all of your galleries, can be accessed through the URL where ‘yourdomainname’ is replaced with your actual domain name. On this page you will be able to click into each of your galleries to view all of the images in the gallery:

Additionally, you can also access an individual gallery’s page by using the View button in the top right corner of the edit page for the gallery:

Viewing galleries in these ways does not show you how the images are used in banners or popups (if they are), but instead shows you a page on your website containing all of the images.

Adding new images to a gallery

To add new images to a gallery select Add New Images in the top right corner of the gallery's edit page:

The following box will then appear:

Accepted file types are .png, .jpeg, .jpg and .gif.

Select Choose Files to attach an image from your computer’s hard drive, and then select upload to add the image to the gallery. You will then be able to manage the image in the 'Images In This Gallery' section.

Creating a new gallery

To create a new gallery in a theme open the section for the theme on the ‘Your Galleries’ page and select Create A New Gallery:

The following box will then appear:

Enter a name for the gallery, and select Choose file to attach an image from your computer’s hard drive to be the main image for the gallery.

Then select create. You can then edit this gallery in the same way as your existing galleries.

Editing images in galleries with set image sizes

Most of ShopWired’s themes have galleries for parts of your website that show images with set image sizes. These galleries can be for anything from an image displayed in your newsletter popup to a banner displayed on your blog. Most themes have a gallery for homepage banner images. When you are changing or adding images to these galleries it is important that the images are the correct size.

To find the correct sizes for these images consult the help guide for your theme or, if you are using an older theme, your theme’s notes. You might need to use a photo editing software to create an image of the correct size. Alternatively, you can contact us for assistance with sizing your images, but there may be an additional charge for this.