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How to generate reports

To generate a report select Reports from the menu and then select the report you want to see.

Most reports will then take you to another page displaying the report. The page will look similar to this:

• Changing the report
• Sorting the table of results
• Exporting the report
• CSV file reports

Changing the report

By default when a report loads it will show data from the previous 30 days. You can change the date range of the report by changing the ‘From’ and ‘To’ filters:

For reports that show a certain number of entries, by default, only the top 10 entries will show. You can change this by changing the selection in the ‘Show’ filter:

For the ‘Failed Searches’ report you can choose to hide results by placing a tick in the box under Show/Hide:

You can then use the ‘Show’ filter to show 'Hidden', 'Not Hidden' or 'All' results:

If the report has a filter for ‘Brands’, and you have assigned your products to brands, you can use it to only see results for a particular brand:

In the ‘Sales By Product’ report, if your products have variations each variation will have its own entry, as shown in this example:

Sorting the table of results

The ‘Table Of Results’ section can be sorted by clicking the up and down arrows next to the column headers. By default the highest grossing entry will display at the top.

Exporting the report

To export a report select export report:

A spreadsheet containing the contents of the report will then download to your computer’s hard drive.

CSV file reports

Two reports, 'Transaction Report' and 'Picking List', don’t transfer you to a new page when clicked on. Instead, the report is generated as a CSV file.

When you click to generate the report a box will appear for you to choose the parameters of the report before downloading the file: