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The reports you can generate

In the reports section of your account you can find out a wide range of information about the ecommerce activity on your website. Select Reports from the menu to access the list of reports you can generate:

Additionally, you can export the data from the reports into a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Listed below are all of the reports that you can generate and what each of those reports will tell you.

An explanation of the reports you can generate

Sales By Product

Tells you which products are your biggest sellers in terms of total sales or units sold over a particular time frame.

Sales By Category

Tells you which categories are your biggest sellers in terms of total sales or units sold over a particular time frame. If a product belongs to more than one category it can appear in the report for multiple categories at the same time.

Sales By Customer

Tells you who your highest spending customers were over a particular time frame.

Sales By Order

Tells you what your biggest orders were (in terms of £ spent) over a particular time frame.

Payment Methods

Lists all of your active payment methods for your website, and tells you the number of orders made and gross sales for each. This is useful for showing you which of your payment methods is the most popular.

Transaction Report

Tells you the total amount of daily sales and any refunds processed for each of your payment methods for a particular time frame. The refunds column tells you if any refunds were processed on a particular day. It doesn’t go back to the day of the original sale. This report is generated as a CSV spreadsheet that downloads to your computer.

Sales By Country

Shows which countries have the highest number of orders and highest gross of sales over a particular time frame. This is useful if you sell internationally.

Sales By Month

Shows the total number of orders and gross sales made in each month since you opened your website.

Failed Searches

When a visitor to your website performs a search using the search box but their search doesn’t generate any results it is recorded by the database. This report shows you each search that failed and when.

How Heard

This report is available if you use the how you heard about us app. The report shows you what your most popular customer sources are, the value and number of orders each source has led to and what the best and worst performing sources are. Click here to read more about the app.

Product Stock

Shows you the quantity of products sold, as well as their current stock values, in a particular time period.

Picking List

This report is generated as a CSV spreadsheet that downloads to your computer for you to use when picking your orders. Like the CSV file you can download for your orders, it will only contain the fields about the products in the order (and not the full order details).


Shows you statistics on the visitors to your website.

Gross profit report

This report is available if you have installed the gross profit report app. Click here to learn more about this report.