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Importing/exporting customers in bulk

You can import customers in bulk onto your account using a spreadsheet upload. These customers will then be able to login to their accounts on your website as if they’d created an account themselves.

Additionally, you can also take an export of all of the customers that currently exist on your account.

Using both the import and export systems you can update existing records for customers.

• Exporting customers
• Importing customers
• Updating customers

Exporting customers

To export your customers into a CSV spreadsheet select Customers from the menu. Select the Export button in the top right corner:

This box will then appear:

Choose from the dropdown list whether you want to export all of your customers, only the customers who accept marketing or only the customers who don’t accept marketing:

Once you have made your choice, select prepare your export.

Allow the system to process your export and select download your export when the button appears:

A CSV file of all of your customers and their details will then be downloaded to your computer's hard drive.

Importing customers

By using a spreadsheet upload you can create customers in bulk in your account. The spreadsheet for the import file must be in a specific format in order to process correctly. To download a template of the spreadsheet select Import in the top right corner of the 'Your Customers' page:

Select download the import template here in the box that appears:

Each customer should be placed on a new row of the spreadsheet.

The template has the following fields to fill in:

If the email address is already in use by another of your customers or if it is invalid, the import will skip importing all the data on the line for the customer. This means the customer would not be created/updated.
In this field place the name of the country the customer is from. The name of the country must be entered according to the names specified in the system. If you don't use the approved name the country information will not import correctly.
If your customer should be marked as accepting marketing, put YES, if not, put NO.
This field will be available to you if you are using the reward points app.
Enter a password for the customer’s account which they will then be able to change later.

Saving the spreadsheet

In order to successfully upload, the spreadsheet needs to be saved as a CSV file. If you are using an Apple computer save the file as a ‘Windows Comma Separated (.csv)’ file. The upload will not process if the spreadsheet is in any other format.

Uploading the file

To upload your file, select the Import button to see this box again:

Select Choose file and find the file in your computer’s hard drive.

Once you have attached the file select import.

Allow the system to process the file. If you are uploading a large file it might take some time to process, but don't navigate away from the page. Once the file has uploaded you will see an 'Import completed' success message.

Updating customers

Use the import/export system to update your customer information in bulk.

First you need to take an export of your current customer information, as described in the 'Exporting Customers' section above. Once you have downloaded the export open the spreadsheet on your computer.

Update the fields according to the field guidance. Make sure that you keep the ID (in column A) the same and do not delete it. This unique ID is used by the system to differentiate your customers. Changing it will cause your update for the customer to fail.

Once you have finished making changes, save the spreadsheet as a CSV file, and upload the file, as described in the 'Importing Customers' section above.