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The product reviews app

Having the product reviews app on your account allows visitors to your website to leave reviews on your products which can encourage other visitors to buy those products.

To include product reviews install the app by selecting APPs > Available APPs from the menu. Find and select the app named ‘Product Reviews’. Then select INSTALL THIS APP.

Once the app is installed customers will be able to submit reviews on your website through a simple form:

Before a review is posted on the website you will need to publish it. You can also preview and edit it.

• Managing reviews
• Displaying reviews
• Editing reviews

Managing reviews

To manage your reviews select Reviews from the menu. Here you will see a list of all of your reviews both published and unpublished.

To search for a specific review type either the name of the customer who left the review or the name of the product the review was left on into the ‘Search Your Reviews’ box:

You can also choose to only see the reviews that are currently displayed on your website, the reviews that are not displayed or all of the reviews together. To do this select an option from the ‘View’ dropdown list:

To quickly see a review click on the name of the customer who left the review. This will open a small window displaying the contents of the review:

Displaying reviews

Reviews submitted by customers won’t display on your website unless you allow them to by publishing them. To publish a review tick the box under ‘Display’ for the review you want to publish:

Once you have published a review it will appear on the product page:

Reviews are displayed on the product page from newest to oldest. The exact layout and design of the reviews depends on the theme you are using.

Editing reviews

To edit a review select Edit on the review you wish to edit. This will take you to the page where you can edit any aspect of the review.

To change the product the review was placed on remove the current product using the ‘X’:

Then type into the selection box the name of the product you would like the review to display on instead:

You can change the name of the reviewer and the review itself using the ‘Reviewer Name’ and ‘The Review’ boxes:

If you want the review to display on multiple products use the ‘Additional Products’ box and type into the selection box the name of the product:

To add more products use the + add another button.

When you have finished editing the review select save changes.