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Managing your customers

A customer is anyone who has placed an order with you (whether you input the information and created the order manually or they placed the order on your website) or has created an account on your website.

To view your customers select Customers from the menu. Trade customers will not be listed here. Click here to learn more about trade accounts.

• Managing customers
• Editing a customer’s details

Managing customers

Use the search box to search for a specific customer:

All of your customers can be seen in the ‘Existing Customers’ box. Here you can manage and edit their details:

Selecting the Name of the customer shows you their email address, location, if they have agreed to receive marketing from you, how many orders they have placed and if they have registered an account on your website:

Location tells you the location of the customer.

Selecting the number under Orders takes you to a list of all of their past and current orders.

Last Order tells you the date of the last order the customer placed with you.

Total Spent tells you to the total amount that customer has spent with you over the course of all of their orders.

Select the icon under Download to download a CSV file of that customer’s details.

Select Edit to edit the customer’s details.

Select the bin icon under Delete to delete that customer.

Editing a customer’s details

Selecting the Edit button will take you to the ‘Edit A Customer’ page where you can edit any of their details.

The first box contains the customer’s details:

Here you can change the customer’s name, email address, telephone number, date of birth, reward points balance, the password they have made for their online account for your store, and if they accept marketing from you.

In the next box, ‘Customer Address’, you can change any aspect of their address:

In the final box you can add any internal notes you want to make about the customer:

If you have installed the ‘How You Heard About Us’ app, you will also see the ‘Customer Source’ box which will show you the customer’s selection, or you can input one yourself.

When you are finished making any changes select the save changes button.

Beneath all of the boxes to edit the customer’s details you can see the customer’s order history:

Clicking on any of these orders will show you the complete details of that order.