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Receiving and creating orders

• Receiving orders
• Creating orders

Receiving orders

When a customer successfully completes the checkout process on your website an order will be generated.

Each order has a unique ID to distinguish it from other orders.

When an order is created you will automatically receive an email with the details of the order (including customer details and product(s) ordered). This will be an exact copy of the email received by the customer.

All orders that are generated are also stored in your account where you can view the details at any time.

Creating orders

If you receive orders in any other way (phone, email, post, etc..), you may want to add them to your account, so that you have everything in one tidy place.
To create an order select Orders > Create Order from the menu.

Customer details

First, you will need to enter your customer's details:

Use the search box to find an existing customer's record. When selected the customer's information will automatically be filled in.

Use the tick box beside 'Ths customer accepts marketing' to indicate if the customer has agreed to accept marketing from your business. If you have searched for an existing customer record, when the rest of the information fills in, this tick box will be ether ticked or unticked based on the customer's current marketing preference.

If your customer has different billing information, untick the box to add it in separately.

If the customer you are creating an order for has ordered from you or been entered into your system before, you can select them from your existing customers by beginning to enter their name into the selection box:

Products ordered

Next, add products to your order. You can add as many of your products as you would like, and you can also edit the price of your products.

If your product is available in different sizes or colors (or other variations), you will need to select the choices.

If you have set up your system with stock levels, when you go to add a product to your order the system will tell you how many of that product you have in stock:

If you try to add a product which is out of stock, the system will tell you it is out of stock but will still let you add the product:

Delivery & checkout

In this section you must add a delivery rate or select free delivery. You must also choose whether the order is paid or unpaid.

Finally, you can also add a delivery date and/or a voucher code if you need:


In this section you can add any comments that you want to be included in the confirmation email to your customer:

Details & confirmation

The 'Details & Confirmation' section shows the totals for the products, delivery costs, discounts, and the grand total. If your customer is located within the US, you will need to select calculate sales tax, so that sales tax can be calculated for the order based on the address entered and the products and delivery rate selected:

Once you have selected the button, if you go back and change the address, products, or delivery rate, then you'll need to select to calculate sales tax again.

Once you are happy with all of the details, select create order. This will automatically send an email to both the customer and yourself with all of the details of the order.