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Receiving an order

When a customer successfully completes the check out process on your website, an order will be generated.

Each order has a unique ID which identifies it from other orders.

When an order is created, you'll automatically be sent an email from your website confirming the details of the order (the customer's details and the products they ordered). This will be a copy of the exact email that is sent to the customer.

All orders that are generated are also stored in your account so that you can view the details at any time.

Telephone/Post Orders

If you get an order for your products over the telephone or by mail order, you may want to generate this order through your account so that all of your orders are stored on one system (and so that your stock levels update accordingly). You can do this using the 'create order' page on the management system, the process is described here.

Order Management

In your account you can manage the orders on your website, add notes, refunds, or change the order's status (e.g. dispatched or refunded). You can find out more about managing your orders by reading this article.