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Setting up VAT on your account

If your business is VAT registered, we can account for VAT for all products and delivery rates on your website.

Select 'settings' from the left menu and then 'VAT settings'. Select 'Yes' from the 'Are you VAT registered?' tick box and then select whether you'll be entering your price's including or excluding VAT.

If you select 'no items do not contain VAT' then we'll automatically add VAT on top of the prices that you add for products or delivery rates.

If you select 'yes items uploaded contain VAT' then we won't add 20% and the price entered when adding the product or selecting the delivery rate will be the price your customers pay.

VAT settings

Your account contains a few simple settings that allow you to choose

• Whether we should add VAT to your prices, or not (described above)
• Whether a particular product or delivery rate is zero rated/exempt (no VAT should be charged)
• Whether VAT should be charged to international customers/businesses

B2B/Trade settings

• Whether prices should be shown excluding VAT until the customer reaches the checkout page
• If a trade customer is logged into an account whether they should they be shown prices excluding VAT until reaching the checkout page

Instructions on how to change these settings can be found on our VAT features index