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Managing quotes

All of your current quotes are available to view and manage by selecting Orders > View Quotes from the menu.

• Viewing all quotes
• Managing a specific quote
• Print/Manage Quote/Download

Viewing all quotes

On the ‘View Quotes’ page you can search for a specific quote:

Or you can choose if you want to view all of your quotes or only your archived quotes:

By default only your unarchived quotes will show unless you make a selection in the 'View' box.

In the ‘Existing Quotes’ box you can manage your quotes:

Date tells you the date the quote was created.

Customer Name tells you the name of the customer who the quote is for.

Total tells you the total amount of the quote.

Type tells you if the quote is a draft or if it has already been sent.

Send / Mark As Paid allows you to send draft quotes or mark quotes that have been sent out as paid. Marking a quote as paid sends the quote to your ‘Manage Your Orders’ page where you can manage it like you would any other order.

Select Manage to manage that quote.

The Edit button is only available on draft quotes and allows you to edit the quote before you send it. Selecting the edit button will take you to the ‘Create Quote’ page so you can edit the details of the quote. On that page you can also mark the quote as ‘Ready To Send’ in the 'Delivery & Checkout' section.

Select Copy to make an exact copy of that quote. You will be taken to the ‘Create Quote’ page where all of the information will already be filled in, but you can edit it as much as you want before creating the quote.

Use the tick box under Archive to archive/unarchive a quote. Place a tick in the box to archive the quote.

Use the bin icon under Delete to delete a quote.

Managing a specific quote

To view details for a specific quote click on the date, customer name or the Manage button.

Customer details

You can edit any of your customer’s details by selecting click to edit or the customer’s name.

You can also anonymise the order, but be aware that this process is irreversible.

Additionally, you can edit the requested delivery date:

Products ordered

In the next section, you can view what products you have quoted to the customer, but you are not able to change any of the details:

Order comments

Here you can add any comments you need to make about the order and view already added comments:

These comments are for your use only and will not be sent to the customer.

Print/Manage Quote/Download

While viewing a specific quote you can print, manage or download it.


You can print a physical copy of your quote by selecting the Print button:

This will open a PDF for you to print.

Click here to learn how to customise the contents of the PDF.

Manage Quote

Click 'Manage Quote' to manage the quote:

Your options to manage your quote will depend on whether your quote is a draft or has already been sent out.

For a draft quote you will see these options:

You can choose to send the quote, make a copy of the quote or edit the details of the quote before sending it.

For already sent quotes you will see these options:

You can choose to resend the quote, mark the quote as paid (which will move the quote to your current orders page) or make a copy of the quote.


Selecting theDownload button will download a CSV file to your computer's hard drive:

The format and layout of the file cannot be changed prior to download.