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How can I customise my theme without affecting my live website?

In your account you can install up to 8 themes. Only one theme is ever the live theme, meaning that you can make customisations to an unpublished theme and preview those changes before deciding to make the newly customised theme your live one.

You can find out more about previewing themes in our article Live and preview themes.

Changing your current theme without affecting your live website

Rather than installing a new theme and starting from scratch, you may be happy with your existing theme but want to try out a few different things. In which case you can duplicate your theme instead. Duplicating your theme will create an exact copy of it in your account.

The newly duplicated theme will be unpublished meaning that you can preview it like any other unpublished theme and make your changes.

Making your new theme live

When your ready, you can easily make your customised theme live by clicking the 'set as live theme' button.