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Can I build my own theme?

If you would like to build your own theme on our platform, you can use the tools that have been specifically designed for this purpose (listed below).

You will need to have working knowledge of HTML, CSS and a little JS.


Framer is a framework theme which contains all of the necessary elements of a working theme. In fact, it is a working theme in itself with minimal styling allowing you to customise it as much as you want to in order to achieve the design that you'd like.

It has been built on the Zurb Foundation Framework (similar to Bootstrap) and is fully documented.

You can read more about Framer here.

Theme Engine

Your account comes with full access to the HTML/TWIG/CSS/JS files that comprise a theme and they can be edited using the online editor.

This process can however be cumbersome and time-consuming. Theme Engine allows you to download a theme to your own computer (local environment) to work on the theme files locally.

Theme Engine watches for changes made to the local files and automatically syncs them to your account.

You can read more about Theme Engine here.

Twig resources

A theme outputs dynamic content using the Twig templating language.

A full explanation of Twig, and every other aspect of a theme (including a comprehensive resource of all the available variables that output dynamic content) is available at the coding help centre.

Feature specific resources

You may want to build a specific feature into your theme that is a little out of the ordinary and not included in the Framer theme.

We've compiled a list of commonly used features and how to create them here.

Quick reference guide

If you're a web designer/developer and are building the website for a client then you can use our quick reference guide (which you can download here) for more easily handing over the website to them once it's complete.

The experts

Our experts are always on hand to assist you with any questions you have.

To get in touch with us, please click here.