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An introduction to version 5 themes

ShopWired's Version 5 themes are our next generation themes and are the latest theme versions available on ShopWired.

When viewing available themes within your ShopWired account, you can see if the theme is Version 5 with the indicator shown next to the theme name:

Version 5 themes contain a host of new functionality, including a drag-and-drop feature, to help make our themes even more customisable. Our Version 5 theme help guides contain an explanation of each feature.

• Sections
• Blocks
• Deleting & hiding sections and blocks
• Settings


Each page on the theme is comprised of a number of sections and some sections are comprised of content blocks.

The screenshot below indicates the sections that have been configured on the home page of the website.

To re-order the sections on the page you can simply drag and drop them into a new position.

In the example below, we've moved the 'hero image slider' section to the top of the page.

Adding sections

Sections can be added to any page on your theme, but some sections might not be able to be added (depending on what type of content the section will output).

To add a new section to a theme, click the 'add a new section' button, as shown in the screenshot below.

A list of available sections will then be displayed for you to choose from.

Scroll through the available sections and click the section to add it to your theme. Once added, you'll be able to configure the settings for the section and add your content to it.


Many sections are comprised of blocks (like a hero image slider or testimonial section). In the example below, there are 2 section blocks added to the section. In the same way that you can re-order sections, you can also re-order blocks within a section and move them to a new position.

Deleting & hiding sections and blocks

To delete a section or block, select it and then select Remove. However, if you'd like to just hide the section from the page but still keep it available to use in the future, simply click the 'eye' icon to hide it.

Sections that are hidden will appear greyed out, with a line through the eye icon. To re-enable a section simply click the eye icon again.


Throughout version 5 themes, there are a variety of settings for you to configure.

For help configuring those settings, select the relevant section below:

Header settings
Footer settings
Theme settings
Page settings