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Version 3 & 4 themes

Version 3 (V3) themes were released on ShopWired on 3rd May 2020. Version 4 (V4) themes were released on 27th September 2020.

V3 and V4 themes contain a new coding architecture and structure, use the Foundation framework, and contain a range of new features.

V4 themes use a new editing (live preview) experience which you can find out more about here.

To use a V3 or V4 theme you must use ShopWired's platform checkout feature. Platform checkout will be mandatory for ShopWired accounts created after 3rd May 2020 so if your account was created after this date you will not need to activate the feature.

If you are changing to a V4 theme please be aware that any coding work (such as extension installations) that has been done on your existing theme will not be automatically carried across to any new theme that you install.

New features

V3 and V4 themes contain a range of new features that are pre-installed for you to use immediately.

Each theme has it's own help guide which explains how to use these features.

A brief description of the new features is contained below:


Home page image galleries Separate image galleries for home page banners for desktop and mobile display
Greater menu control A separate link list for the responsive menu and for you to add additional menu links to category menus
Newsletter popup A newsletter popup window you can activate that appears on website entry for users to subscribe to your newsletters
Age verification popup An age verification popup window you can activate to ask users to confirm they are over 18
Delivery date field A delivery date field at checkout for your customers to specify a preferred delivery date, with control for you to exclude certain days of the week and/or dates
Disable checkout Disable checkout and display a message if you are unable to accept orders
Easier colour control Set global colours for your theme to specify your colour scheme and drill down for greater control using over 100 individual colour settings
Announcement bar Announce messages to your website visitors with a site wide announcement bar. If the customer clicks 'close' on this announcement, it will not be displayed for them for the next 2 weeks, unless you change the announcement content
Logo sizing Set a size for your company logo
Customer address book Allow your customers to create multiple delivery/billing addresses to use at checkout
Hide prices unless logged in If you use the trade accounts functionality you can hide prices for customers unless they are logged into a trade account
Variant buttons Swap variation drop downs for buttons
Bulk pricing discount tables If you use the bulk discounts app you can display tables showing the bulk discounts available
Off canvas cart Allow customers to view the contents of their basket from whatever page they are on
Referred customers page If you're using the referral system you can display a 'referred customers' page for your customers to view when logged into their account
Back in stock notifications Allowing visitors to request to be notified when a product they want comes back in stock
Min/max order quantity Allowing you to set a minimum or maximum order quantity for products
Product filters Allowing visitors to more easily find the products they are looking for
Refer a friend Allowing your website's visitors to refer products they find to their friends
Tabbed product descriptions Allowing you to segment product descriptions into 5 different tabs


All V3 and V4 themes are coded using the Zurb Foundation Framework Version 6.3.

Foundation has many advantages over other frameworks, including the use of XY grids to control both horiztonal and vertical positioning.

All V3 and V4 themes are built using ShopWired's Framer theme and use the same coding base so you can easily transport features or design customisations between themes.

Account pages

All V3 and V4 themes share the same set of account pages giving a standardised customer account experience.

Account home: allowing customers easy access to the areas of their account.

Orders: allowing customers to view previous orders, download invoices and one-click re-ordering.

Favourites: displaying customers' previously ordered products for them to view and re-order.

Address book: where customers can manage their stored addresses.

Account details: allowing customers to change their main accounts details and account password.

Reward points: where customers can view a statement of reward points earned and spent.

Referred friends: allowing customers to see details of other customers they have referred to your website.


V3 and V4 themes use ShopWired's platform checkout feature offering a smooth and conversion optimised checkout experience.