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Installing a theme

Once you've chosen the theme you'd like to use, installing it is quick and easy.

Navigate to the theme and click the 'install this theme now' link.

Once its installed you'll get a success message (like the one shown in the example below).

At this point you can either click the 'customise your theme' button or, if you want to, you can click the link to go back and continue looking at other themes to install on your account (you can have up to 8 themes at once).

Please Note!

Installing a theme won't make the theme the one your website uses. To do that you'll need to set the theme as your live theme. You can find out more about live and preview themes by clicking here.

Installing your own theme

If you've got your own theme you want to install you can do so by clicking 'themes' on the left menu. Then click the 'import new theme' button in the top right.

A new pop-up window will appear for you to upload the theme.

You must enter a name for the theme and then select the theme from your computer's hard drive. The theme must be uploaded as a ZIP folder.

If you're uploading a theme that you have previously downloaded from your account you won't need to worry about any standards, but if you are uploading a theme from a third party designer unless it conforms to our specification it won't work on our system.