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This help guide provides a specification for some aspects of the Minimal theme (for example, recommended image sizes).

Please note!

ShopWired's theme customisation editor can be used to edit your theme's style, branding and settings. You can read about it here.

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Product, category and other image sizes
Home page images
Missing features
Logo sizes
Tabbed product descriptions


Product, category and other image sizes back to top

Category images

Category images are square, so they have an aspect ratio of 1.00 : 1.00.

The largest size category images are shown at is 350px x 350px.

Product images

Product images are square, so they have an aspect ratio of 1.00 : 1.00.

The largest size product images are shown at is 540px x 540px.

If using the roll over zoom or lightbox features then product images will be displayed at a larger size. We'd recommend uploading images at least 1000px x 1000px in size if using these features.

Blog thumbnail images

Blog thumbnail images are landscape.

The largest size blog thumbnail images are shown at is 580px by 406px.

Home page images back to top

There are no home page images on this theme.

Blog image

The theme's blog home page displays an image at the top of the page.

The image is landscape, with an aspect ratio of 2.21 : 1.00.

The recommended image size is 2400px x 1086px.

Text overlaying the image can be set in the text snippets section of your theme's style editor.

Limits back to top

Category menu The category menu shows a maximum of 15 parent categories after which a view all link is displayed which, when clicked, will link through to the /categories page.

Brand menu The brand submenu shows a maximum of 15 brands after which a view all link is displayed which, when clicked, will link through to the /brands page.

There is a limit of 99 featured categories and 99 featured products displayed on the home page.

Missing features back to top

- Featured categories are not displayed on this theme's home page

Logo sizes back to top

The ideal logo size is around 240px x 70px.

We'd recommend uploading a landscape logo (width is greater than height) where the height is around 70px.

The maximum width that the logo will display at, both on desktop screens and mobile screens, can be set individually on the style editor.

Tabbed product descriptions

The tabbed product descriptions feature allows you to split your product descriptions into 5 separate tabs.

To use this feature you'll need to activate the tabbed product descriptions app within your ShopWired account.

You can specify the tab heading for each section in your theme's style editor in the product page section.

The content from the Product Description 1 field does not have a heading on this theme, so there is no heading setting for it.

Product specific tab heading

You can set the tab headings on a 'per product' basis by setting up some additional settings in your ShopWired account. To do so, install the Custom Fields app. Once done, create 4 custom fields with the following settings:

Item Type as Product

Name as product_tab_x

Label as Tabbed description x

Type as Text

Please note, you'll need to create 4 separate custom fields replacing X each time with the number of the field, e.g. product_tab_2. You cannot create a product_tab_1 field on this theme because this text does not have a heading.