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Can I use my own SSL certificate?

The way that SSL certificates work is that each must run from a unique IP address.

Our hosting configuration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) means that we host a number of different websites on the same server (known by AWS as an instance). Unfortunately because of the way that AWS instances work, we can only assign 1 IP address to each instance. This means that using standard SSL certificates, you can't host more than one SSL certificate on the same instance.

Because we host multiple websites on the same instance, each of which may want to have an SSL certificate, we have to use a work-around for this and use a different type of SSL certificate.

In theory, it is possible for you to use your own SSL certificate on your website but the SSL certificate needs to be hosted on it's own server within AWS (known as an Elastic Load Balancer (ELB)). The cost for an ELB is £15 + VAT per month.

Whilst we would be happy to host your own SSL certificate ShopWired provides SSL certificates free of charge on all of our packages.

To configure an SSL certificate for your domain name please follow the instructions here.