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How does the tracking url variable work?

When managing an order, in the 'order management' section you'll notice a 'tracking URL' field.

Here you can enter information on how to track an order. (It can either be for your own order management purposes or for sending to the customer).

After you've entered your text in this field, if you want the customer to receive this information then you'll need to tick the box 'send an auto-email to customer regarding the update'.

Then, click the 'save changes' button.

This will then generate an order status email to the customer (the exact email you send will depend on the order status you have selected from the 'order status' drop down list).

Including the tracking URL in your order status emails

If you want your customers to be provided with the tracking URL for an order, the easiest way to do this is to include it in your order status emails.

Read More About Order Status Emails

Please read the full article on order status emails by clicking here.

You'll need to include the 'tracking URL' variable in your order status, as shown in the example below.

This will then automatically include the text you enter in the 'tracking URL' field, display in place of the {{ tracking_url }} text you enter for the order status, so the email sent to the customer would look something like...

Hi Chris Smith,

We just wanted to let you know that your order has now been dispatched.

To track delivery of your order please go to

If you have any questions about your order please contact us by return.

Many thanks,

Joe's Shoe Shop

Alternative uses for this variable

You don't have to use the {{ tracking_url }} variable for an actual tracking URL.

You can include the {{ tracking_url }} variable in any email that you send to your customers so it can be used whenever you want to include information about an order in an order status email.