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Managing your 'order status' automatic emails

Each order status has a corresponding automatic email that you can choose to send to your customer whenever you change the status on their order.

To configure the order status emails select Settings > Order Status > Order Status Emails from the menu.

• Automatic content
• HTML or plain text
• Preview email
• Tracking URLs
• New order status emails

Automatic content

At the top of the page you will see some automatic content variables that you can use in the content of the emails:

These must be used exactly as they are written. You cannot create your own variables.

Each of the order status emails also have full access to the order object to output content about the order which has been placed.

HTML or plain text

The emails sent from your account can either be in HTML or plain text. When your customers receive an email from you it is most likely that they will be viewing it in HTML, but the plain text version is included in case they are unable to view an HTML version.

You can also choose to disable the HTML versions of emails by unticking this box:

Doing so will change your account so you will only be able to edit the plain text version of emails.

To change the content of one of the auto-emails select from the list the one you want to edit:

This will allow you to edit the email subject, the plain text content or the HTML content:

Preview email

You can preview any email you send out in either HTML or plain text version by selecting the Preview Email button on the relevant one:

Tracking URLs

The {{ tracking_url }} variable is used when you want to include in the email the text that you enter in the ‘Tracking URL’ box:

The HTML content would look something like this:

This feature doesn’t have to only be used to include a tracking URL; you can enter in the box whatever text you want.

New order status emails

When you create a new order status an automatic email template will be created, but the content will be blank, as in this example for ‘Processing’, which is not a preloaded order status option:

You will need to input the email subject and any content (whether it be plain text or HTML).